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Delusion Sutra

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Zeroth Edition, alpha03
Last Modified: Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Section One: About This Sutra

Article One This sutra is called "Delusion Sutra."
Article Two The religion which described in this sutra is called "polyreligionism."

Section Two: The God

Article One Polyreligionism is a monotheism. Namely, This religion insists that only one god exists.
Article Two The god has the name "Watashiwa Mousoudearu" (I Am a Delusion).
Article Three The god has the another name "WWMM," pronounced "wawamomo." This name is the acronym of the sentence "Watashiwa 'Watashiwa Mousoudearu'to iu Monodearu" (I am one called "I Am a Delusion."). The another name "WWMM" is called "tetragrammaton."

Section Three: Religious Diversity

Article One "Religious diversity" means degree how diverse religions exist.
Article Two The god loves all religions which humans make.
Article Three The god wants that religious diversity on the Earth increases.

Section Four: Punna

Article One "Punna" means an act to please the god.
Article Two All Humans will live in the place called "heaven" after their death.
Article Three The more punnas a human piles up during his or her lifetime, the better he or she will be treated by the god in heaven.
Article Four Any act to increase religious diversity is a punna.

Section Five: Omnifundatoresism

Article One "Omnifundatoresism" means the proposition "everyone can become a founder of a religion."
Article Two All religions are fiction. Therefore, omnifundatoresism is true.
Article Three An act to make a new religion increases religious diversity. Therefore, Such an act is a punna.
Article Four Polyreligionism is also fiction like other religions. Therefore, The god "Watashiwa Mousoudearu" does not really exist.
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